what is considered long legs?

  1. would you consider 36inch legs long and when do legs become long legs.

    Answer by Kayla R
    They become long when there long.

  2. I am 66/67 inches tall. How do you do the leg to torso ratio? Because i think my legs are really short in comparison to my upperbody and ive read a lot that boys prefer girls with long legs and a short upper body :(

    From hip to above kneecap it is 20 inches from the bottom of the knee cap to ankle it is 15 inches. From my head to my hip is 29 inches

    Answer by whycantigetagoodnickname
    Ive just read your question….

    Boy do like girls with long legs, but some boys like girls with short legs…. most boys prefer girls with legs, some like muscly legs, and some thin legs – and some like legs that are the “right shape” (in the boys mind). Same as the rest of the body…. some like thin girls, some like big girls, some like tall girls and some like short girls. Some prefer a pretty face and good smile to all of this! Eventually boys notice if you have a personality and are able to hold their interest with chatting or going out to do things that you are both interested in – the physical attributes become less important then (this shows in marriages where the man or woman can get up in a morning looking rough, look at each other and not run away screaming).

    Newpapers love printing pictures of girls who are big or long – long legs, big breasts, big hair, big eyes… with the hope that 80% of the men reading will like one of those attributes… but not all men like all of a girl to be big like that – they might just prefer 1 thing.

    So, yes some men prefer long legs.

    One thing you cant do is to change your body shape! (OK you can but it is expensive and painful)

    Reading your measurements, 66/67″ is about 56″ – 57″ – about average height for a girl, your legs are longer than your body so that is good I think, so no need to worry really.

    Because you made me curious I measured my legs just then…. 58″ and lower leg is 19″, upper leg 16″ – everyone has different leg measurements, your shorter than me but your legs are the same length – so proportionally longer legs!

  3. So, why isnt every pair of skinny legs attractive like those that really stand out?
    Ive noticed (it being summer) a lot of girls who are very slim, but their legs arent neccesarily GREAT like, for instance like those of a supermodel.
    Is this due to working out?
    but then you see commercials for bowflex and things, and those women dont have the same shape either.

    so whats the difference?

    Answer by angel baby
    dont matter let the men that love them decide

  4. hooooooowwwwwwww? to get LONG SKIINNY LEGS?

    Answer by Mike Rees
    hi there

    Lots of women want to have skinny legs since they believe that the legs are a very attractive part of their body. For girls to achieve this goal they need to get down to a body fat percentage of about 18%. To do this, proper nutrition and routine workouts is necessary.

    You really need to work hard to get skinny legs. You really should eat small meals, but eat often. Basically, instead of eating 3 times a day, eat smaller meals but eat four or five times a day. A low carbohydrate, high protein diet is highly recommended.

    Getting skinny legs may not be as easy as you would like it to be. But remember, whether you have chubby legs or if you lost skin around your legs, you didnt get those in a single day. So in the same way, you would not lose them quickly.

    You have to walk and run and make your legs work very hard. Below are a few workouts that will help you get skinny legs.

    Some exercises I suggest people rotate through of these 2 minute workouts are mini-trampoline jumping, fast body, weight squats, jumping rope, and jumping jacks. I believe youre familiar with all of those so there isnt any real need to discuss them to you. Each one of these exercises greatly reduce leg fat while firming your legs up. This is the ultimate easy way to get skinny legs fast without even leaving your house.

    Also do the walking exercises – There are several types of walking workouts. Some people like to walk for 1 or 2 miles each day. others just walk as much as they can while going to work or school. Theres a basic pattern to walking exercises. It commonly begins with warming up your leg muscles for about 2 or 3 minutes. And followed by a 1 minute stretching for both muscles. Then start to walk as much as you want.

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  5. Hi there I am a 15 year old male who is still in the stages of puberty. I also dont have the best knees in the world cause I still have a partial case of osgood-schlatters disease.

    I was wondering though, to increase my vertical which would be better, Leg Press or Leg extentions? Also, what would less effect my knees and my growth plates? And how many inches would I gain approximately by doing the better exercise?

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    Finally are Leg curls any good for increasing vertical, and do they damage your growth plates?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Answer by Live Life
    Leg Press, leg curls and Leg extentions build strength not verticle.

    Top 15 Exercises for Higher Vertical Jumps

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